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3PL Logistics Services

What is 3PL

3PL stands for 3rd party logistics. 3PL logistics companies normally will not own any of their own trucks. We have several thousand companies contracted to us with varying rates depending on lanes and availability. The power of 3PL Logistics is that we have so many trucking companies to choose from, availability is rarely an issue and pricing very competitive.

3PL Logistics Contracts

3PL contracts are a common way for our company and your company to create competitive rates for specific shipping lanes without having to worry about large fluctuation in pricing, preventing shipping costs from eating up the profits of your business. Whether you have a shipping manager already or not, we can simplify your whole shipping process. You submit an order to us, we find and schedule the trucks, dispatch them, and track the shipment from pickup to delivery. Our rates can fluctuate from a low 15-20%, most of which our contract trucking companies will pay to do business with us, leaving your costs at bottom market price. We can save you on overhead as you pay us still as a vendor, which requires no unemployment insurance or additional taxing or expenses like other employees. We can work directly with owners, purchasing agents or shipping managers to set up a simple system that works for you! If your interested in a 3PL Logistics Contract please call us direct at (855)299-1010. Be sure to tell us your looking for a 3PL contract as it will be treated much differently than a 1 time shipment or quote.